Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Generation Gap

About a week ago, I was accused of stealing money from my mum's purse. About a week ago, I was grounded indefinetely. OK, I wasn't accused, but i am still being punished for something i didn't do. There are 2 possible outcomes.
1. My sister stole it or
2. Mum lost it.
I am so sick of someone blaming someone else (me in this situation) because they don't know what happened to their money. It is so unfair and also undermines my word and those involved.

If I were to lose $5, I couldn't blame it on my parents, because the possibility of them taking it is minimal, and they are older than me, so i can't do anything about it. As i am only 8 months from legally being an adult, I am in the most frustrating stage of my life to date. The unfairness of what parents think is right and the repercussions that follow are similar to that of a household which doesn't listen to all family members.

I am always trying to take everything in stride, but with this, I am unable to as i am being unfairly punished. And that is really shit. It's shit that i can't do anything, and its shit i have been punished, while my parents have no proof. I am pissed off at authority, and mostly, I am pissed off at my parents. Their decision is fucked and I have lost lots of respect for them. Normally I am a very passive person, but this decision put a dint in my cupboard (well, I did it but the decision got me that pissed off.)

I am going to fight this, and if need be, totally ignore them and their punishment. Why should I sit around, twiddling my thumbs feeling sorry for myself and destroying stuff in my room, instead of hanging out with my girlfriend (yeah, I have one) or hanging out with friends?

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  1. Yeah, I know how you feel. Sus being the oldest and not being allowed tospeak what we believe is right, all because of an age gap and being respectful to your superiors.

    Anywho, congrats on getting a girlfriend. :D I must have scored a boyfriend around the same time as you! lol :D Yeah, I finally got one too. 5'm so much happier now.

    From Sarah.
    You shoudl post more often, what you say is actually very interesting and I don't mind taking a few minutes of my life out to read your stuff. :D