Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some like Snickers, others like Mars. I like Twix bars.

I was talking to a friend at school today, about the normal things, her boyfriend (who is also a friend of mine), and also some stuff that was new and strange to me. She was talking about moving out of home next year to go to uni in Melbourne. With her boy friend of course. It got me thinking. About how little time there is until the end of high school. About how I'm moving into adulthood. About how I'll have to move away to Melbourne to go to uni. And it scares the shit out of me.

OK, maybe thats a bit of an overstatement, but the near certainty of me moving out is very daunting. Now before you ask "Aaron, possibly you don't have to move out. Why don't you go to uni in Geelong?" Well idiot, I've already explored that option, and the only teaching they do down here is primary school teaching, and I refuse to become a glorified babysitter. I want to talk to (more?) intelligent people, instead of passing people for doing well during nap time. Even though my friend who I was talking to will also be doing teaching as well (she'll be doing media and I want to do English) but at least she'll have someone to support her up there.

As all my family are in Geelong, I have to find a place to stay up there. I mean, it's fine for me to rent, but I would have to find a room mate, because I am not going to live by myself and pay for all of the rent. Or I could live on campus, but the fees are astronomical. It would be easier for me to live on campus, but i think i will be paying off the fees until I'm a decrepite old dude complaining about the kids and their Gameboys and Nintendos. That isn't very appealing... or maybe it is. Being an old dude who complains would be fairly good... but I'm getting off track. I could ask to stay with my best friend, but I think he will still be living at his parents' house.

I guess I will have to figure out what to do next year. If I don't, I guess I'll be in a bit of trouble.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Common sense and it's replacement

I want to start off by saying that this post is one fuelled not by anger or annoyance, but by pity. Pity towards all the people who have a cry because they don't like something and , thinking we all think like them, and have it banned or altered, thus ruining it for the rest of us.

I would like to say that OH&S SUCKS! Yes, being safe is great, but when the need to have a licence to climb up a small ladder, it is going too far. Whats next? You have to wear a helmet while walking down the street? Stretching before reaching for the mail in the letterbox? It's political correctness gone way, way too far. But why are all these rules brought in? Well, from what i've noticed, it is from everybody suing each other. These laws are brought in to prevent idiots falling over and gaining a multi-million dollar compensation claim becauuse he decided to put some home-made rockets on the back of a shopping trolley while using a ramp to try and get the trolley airborne. Yeah, it's great that idiots sue companies for idiot actions, and they nearly always win.

I was shocked to hear that a person in the USA sued a local dry-cleaners for $10 million for losing his pants... AND HE WON! What the fuck? When is it ok for a sook with lost trousers to decide he will make a ruckus and get lots of money, while looking like an idiot and also forcing a local business to close because of a small mistake? I say to him "Harden up, stop bitching and also stop whining about your lost pants. Oh boo hoo, your pants went missing, GET A LIFE!" Thank Christ another court voided the ruling so the laundromat didn't have to pay for this idiots selfish acts. But it gets me thinking about similar events which are seen in newspapers everyday.

If I get stabbed, raped and then assaulted, the criminal would get 10 years in prison (at the most,) yet if I sue a handyman for leaving a wooden plank that I kick and bruise my toe, I'd get a bloody huge payout at the expense of the poor guy's financial well being, as well as a mention in a newspaper about "how I'm fighting carelessness" or something like that, yet the criminal probably wouldn't get a mention because it's not important enough. For all that it is worth, I am sure those who read this will agree in me saying that political correctness will not only remove the need of common sense, but will also create the inability to tell right from wrong for yourself. Why do we allow our society to go down this potentially disastrous road?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Review of "Retro"... no you can't buy it at a store, its an indy film, idiot

2082. A taxi driver picks up a random guy off the street wanting to go to Pilot Bay. Pilot Bay is known only for the drug trade, and sure enough, the passenger's meeting is in fact a trap, and the taxi driver and his passenger need to try and survive their pursuer's attacks.

Thats "Retro" in a nutshell. A good popcorn flick, it certainley doesn't push any boundaries when it comes to the story, which plods along at a fairly inconsistant rate, going through the motions of every other action movie plot, minus one or two plot twists that were out of left field, but the special effects are insanely good, especially since it's extremely low budget. From the fireworks to the car crashes, it certainly is a visually amazing film. It also sounds very good too, which shows the attention to detail the director showed during filming and post-production.

The acting is very good, particularly from Carlin Grant as the mysterious taxi driver, as he adds character to a fairly (seemingly) dark person. The presentation of the film, shown in a comic inspired style, adds a certain slick edge to the already futuristic setting, which also makes it stand out from other action movies. Also, the gang members look like a mash between a clown, Leatherface and a Sex Pistols audience, but they still manage to look unique, without alienating the audience.

Due to the 18 minute length, there wasn't much oppurtunity for character development, but the writer managed to pull it off. The audience has a chance to relate to the characters, as well as experience a twist that was very unexpected. Full credit goes to Director Tom Carroll for being able to engage the audience in such a short amount of time.

All in all, "Retro" is a good action flick which is only held back by a very predictable and inconsistently paced story, but which is still very enjoyable.

3 1/2 stars- A very good film, but could still improve... maybe for the sequel...?

"Retro" poster