Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Generation Gap

About a week ago, I was accused of stealing money from my mum's purse. About a week ago, I was grounded indefinetely. OK, I wasn't accused, but i am still being punished for something i didn't do. There are 2 possible outcomes.
1. My sister stole it or
2. Mum lost it.
I am so sick of someone blaming someone else (me in this situation) because they don't know what happened to their money. It is so unfair and also undermines my word and those involved.

If I were to lose $5, I couldn't blame it on my parents, because the possibility of them taking it is minimal, and they are older than me, so i can't do anything about it. As i am only 8 months from legally being an adult, I am in the most frustrating stage of my life to date. The unfairness of what parents think is right and the repercussions that follow are similar to that of a household which doesn't listen to all family members.

I am always trying to take everything in stride, but with this, I am unable to as i am being unfairly punished. And that is really shit. It's shit that i can't do anything, and its shit i have been punished, while my parents have no proof. I am pissed off at authority, and mostly, I am pissed off at my parents. Their decision is fucked and I have lost lots of respect for them. Normally I am a very passive person, but this decision put a dint in my cupboard (well, I did it but the decision got me that pissed off.)

I am going to fight this, and if need be, totally ignore them and their punishment. Why should I sit around, twiddling my thumbs feeling sorry for myself and destroying stuff in my room, instead of hanging out with my girlfriend (yeah, I have one) or hanging out with friends?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Face Palm!

As i stare at the computer, i am trying to start up my facebook page. Yes, i bet your thinking "he's only getting a facebook page now, errr, what a loser." Well, i say to you that i was looking after my dying brother, now how do you feel, jerk. Anyway, i'm setting it all up and i get an email for everything that happens. I have received 32 emails in 3 hours. It occured to me that the facebook guys think we're idiots and need an email we have a new comment. Speaking of which, i have one now. I've been accepted, again. Hooray for me. Well. actually it's good someone didn't go "He's only adding me now, errr, he must be a loser." I told you, i was looking after my dying invisible friend, i mean, totally real brother.

So anyway, i'm trying one of the quizzes and it says that that i am a rebel. What the hell?! I am the biggest rule follower ever (I think, i haven't met everyone who ever lived.) I know their for fun, but why do they mock me! WHY! I don't need to know that i would be Ken Rosenberg from GTA: Vice City or a dust bin. I wouldn't be so shitty if i got some good results.

But yeah, i forgot where i was going with this, so yeah, bomb the eskimoes or they will invade our shores!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As I stare at the computer screen, i think back to earlier today on the school bus, and some comments that i overheard some people say. The gist of it was... "Those fuckin' Muslim's and their terrorist activities..." OK, We live in a time when a small part of the Muslim faith committ terible acts across the world, but it is unfair to say that we, as a "multicultual" country, should persecute the group because a minority committ the crimes.

I was always brought up with the notion that "although we are all different, we are all great" and I find these comments particularly offensive, even though I'm not Islamic. It also brings to mind that in this months "Rolling Stone" magazine, there was an article about racism in Australia. The main concern was that, since the Cronulla riots, racism has been growing, but under the name "Patriotism." I find that, anyone that is patriotic to a country that can view any group of people negatively based on a few peoples' actions, are ignorant, idiots and should try and live in a place where they are the ones persecuted.

Jews, African Americans, Aboriginals and those of Asian decent have all been persecuted from one time or another. What is the group of people that haven't been on the receiving end of racist remarks? The Christian Anglo-Saxon descendants. The ones who believe that they are so good, so righteous, are also the ones that have created the biggest ignorance, based stereotypes and hatreds. I consider myself lucky that I'm a white Australian. I'm not constantly targeted by racial remarks or hate attacks, but I still feel that we, as a nation, have moved away from the everyones equal mentality, as the news always reports on Al-Qaida terrorist attacks, where as nothing is said about the white guy who shot 20 people.

Even in school, I hear racial slurs al the time. I don't say anything, unless it is really bad, and even then I'm met with a roll of eyes. Am I too soft, or is Nigga still racist? (Rhetorical Question, I know it's still racist.) Calling someone a name, like dickhead or something is okay, but when someone stars paying out someones heritage, religion or beliefs, it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The most annoying thing, EVER!

I look at my computer, wondering why people are idiots. No, not everyone. Just people who use abbreviations while talking. Hey, instead of saying LOL, why don't you actually laugh. Instead of saying ROFL, why don't you just roll on the ground and laugh (OK, not the best idea, but still stop saying it.) It seriously gives me the shits. On the computer, that's OK, I'll use it on the pc, but in real life? There's no point.

Conversation in the future: "Oh bill, what's happening?"
"Oh, LOL."
"Yes, ROFL."
"Bill FTW!"
(comes back)
"Did you see the CMATC?"
"No, WIC?

Confusing, isn't it? That's what it's like to me when people are using computer abbreviations in day to day conversations. Heres an idea... GET A BETTER VOCABULARY! God, it's not that hard.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


As i stare at the computer screen, i know exactly what i'm going to talk about. The good old, "take alot of shit" topic which is homework. Do teachers like the lack of fun that they provide us when homework is given out? Probably not, but someone needs to take the shit of my rant, and i don't know who in the education system plans the homework, (by the way, SCREW YOU!), but i don't know so it will be the teachers, as they just give it out.

I know revision is important, but we teenagers have jobs, social lives, and a desree of laziness never seen before by mankind. Yes, learning about World War 1 is all good... the first thousand times, after that it just gets boring. I say we all revolt! Trash some cars, tip some cows. Although it won't change anything, our point will get across. The only problem is that i don't know what our point will be. I mean, "no homework" is kind of clichè. We should have something like "Homework is shit. Teachers do your bit!" It may not be the best, but it's more than what you've probably come up with, so jog on.

With that, I don't think that Enter scores should play a part in getting into uni. I mean, marks should be counted, but what about volunteer work? Why is it that it doesn't play a major part in getting into uni. Screw the person who thought that system up too. Why is it that we, the youth of today, have to put up with the decisions of old men who i believe make these desicions, as they make them extremely quickly, with no thought or evaluation of what we want, as they want to get back to their granny naps and impressions of Hugh Heffner by dating 20 year old women and wearing silk pyjamas in public. Ok, i get it, you get to date heaps of young women. Put on some pants as we don't want to see your wrinkly "old fella." (This is to the preverbial old man at the head of the decision making part of the education board, not Hugh Heffner, as he brought us Mojo and Playboy and wearing silk pyjamas in public. Only he can pull it off, so don't try it for the love of god.)

On the topic of old men, don't ever have your school athletics sports in Corio. I know it sounds like a negative stereotype, but some old dude walked past the ground, looking at us, and i know it wasn't Alzheimers. He was creepy, in fact, i would call him "Captain Suss" of the "H.M.S Don't Tell Your Parents What I Showed You With The Sock Puppet."

Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Ever!

Although the title may make you presume it, I'm not a tool.

Hello, to my first blog, full of random thoughts and ideas. Yes, I may be a random kid, but that doesnt mean anything in an Australian high school... except that your a random kid.

I am staring at a computer screen wondering what should i write about. War? Why the government sucks? The possible invasion by eskimoes (First random comment)? Or, like many teenagers, i will complain about life and not lift a finger to improve said life. I mean why should I? I am a generation Y-er (?) and I am totally unable to do anything responsible, or if the media will have you believe, anything good at all. If i were to try and improve my local community, I'm sure that news crews would come to my area re-goodification and edit the captured footage to somehow show me hunting endangered whales or running down the street nude, flashing old ladies. Yes, I want to get into the media industry. I would be a kick ass journalist, or so I think, and i will take the world by storm with my unashamedly real view on everything, (Also saying "Poppycock" wouldn't hurt the *gasp*-o-meter.) Then i come back to reality and my epic doing alright at school.

Yes, the topic of school has risen. I am in my last year at high school, and all i can really say i learnt that will benefiet me greatly is the fact that my maths teacher is an absolute champ. Now you may be thinking... "Uugghh, he's a teacher, you must have had a stroke." 2 things. Firstly, i haven't had a stroke, and secondly "shut up, you ignorant pillock (have no idea what pillock means but it sounds totally awesome.)" Mr. O'connor kicks more ass than an "ass kickulator." He helps when it is needed and he also sometimes brings in muffins for the class. Thats right, totally awesome, not healthy, chock full of make you die at age 35 muffins. The cherry on the preverbial cake is that he makes them himself (or so he says.) That mixed with the awful but still amusing jokes and you have possibly the best teacher ever, apart from my aunty, but that has nothing to do with the fact that she is a principal and related to me. *cough.*

On reflection, all my teachers are pretty good this year. And by that i mean help when your stuck, but still make you do work, not piss fart around during Yr 7 French and all you do is make a cake and epicly pass that year. It happened, but we had an art teacher who i suspect had no french language at all. It was still a pretty good class though.

I will now leave all 2 people who will read my blog a last thought.

Is it right to ask out a good friend of someone, *cough*, it is the question every teenager asks at one point or another. I want to here your thoughts by submitting your vote on the side bar.