Sunday, May 3, 2009


As i stare at the computer screen, i know exactly what i'm going to talk about. The good old, "take alot of shit" topic which is homework. Do teachers like the lack of fun that they provide us when homework is given out? Probably not, but someone needs to take the shit of my rant, and i don't know who in the education system plans the homework, (by the way, SCREW YOU!), but i don't know so it will be the teachers, as they just give it out.

I know revision is important, but we teenagers have jobs, social lives, and a desree of laziness never seen before by mankind. Yes, learning about World War 1 is all good... the first thousand times, after that it just gets boring. I say we all revolt! Trash some cars, tip some cows. Although it won't change anything, our point will get across. The only problem is that i don't know what our point will be. I mean, "no homework" is kind of clichè. We should have something like "Homework is shit. Teachers do your bit!" It may not be the best, but it's more than what you've probably come up with, so jog on.

With that, I don't think that Enter scores should play a part in getting into uni. I mean, marks should be counted, but what about volunteer work? Why is it that it doesn't play a major part in getting into uni. Screw the person who thought that system up too. Why is it that we, the youth of today, have to put up with the decisions of old men who i believe make these desicions, as they make them extremely quickly, with no thought or evaluation of what we want, as they want to get back to their granny naps and impressions of Hugh Heffner by dating 20 year old women and wearing silk pyjamas in public. Ok, i get it, you get to date heaps of young women. Put on some pants as we don't want to see your wrinkly "old fella." (This is to the preverbial old man at the head of the decision making part of the education board, not Hugh Heffner, as he brought us Mojo and Playboy and wearing silk pyjamas in public. Only he can pull it off, so don't try it for the love of god.)

On the topic of old men, don't ever have your school athletics sports in Corio. I know it sounds like a negative stereotype, but some old dude walked past the ground, looking at us, and i know it wasn't Alzheimers. He was creepy, in fact, i would call him "Captain Suss" of the "H.M.S Don't Tell Your Parents What I Showed You With The Sock Puppet."

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