Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Ever!

Although the title may make you presume it, I'm not a tool.

Hello, to my first blog, full of random thoughts and ideas. Yes, I may be a random kid, but that doesnt mean anything in an Australian high school... except that your a random kid.

I am staring at a computer screen wondering what should i write about. War? Why the government sucks? The possible invasion by eskimoes (First random comment)? Or, like many teenagers, i will complain about life and not lift a finger to improve said life. I mean why should I? I am a generation Y-er (?) and I am totally unable to do anything responsible, or if the media will have you believe, anything good at all. If i were to try and improve my local community, I'm sure that news crews would come to my area re-goodification and edit the captured footage to somehow show me hunting endangered whales or running down the street nude, flashing old ladies. Yes, I want to get into the media industry. I would be a kick ass journalist, or so I think, and i will take the world by storm with my unashamedly real view on everything, (Also saying "Poppycock" wouldn't hurt the *gasp*-o-meter.) Then i come back to reality and my epic doing alright at school.

Yes, the topic of school has risen. I am in my last year at high school, and all i can really say i learnt that will benefiet me greatly is the fact that my maths teacher is an absolute champ. Now you may be thinking... "Uugghh, he's a teacher, you must have had a stroke." 2 things. Firstly, i haven't had a stroke, and secondly "shut up, you ignorant pillock (have no idea what pillock means but it sounds totally awesome.)" Mr. O'connor kicks more ass than an "ass kickulator." He helps when it is needed and he also sometimes brings in muffins for the class. Thats right, totally awesome, not healthy, chock full of make you die at age 35 muffins. The cherry on the preverbial cake is that he makes them himself (or so he says.) That mixed with the awful but still amusing jokes and you have possibly the best teacher ever, apart from my aunty, but that has nothing to do with the fact that she is a principal and related to me. *cough.*

On reflection, all my teachers are pretty good this year. And by that i mean help when your stuck, but still make you do work, not piss fart around during Yr 7 French and all you do is make a cake and epicly pass that year. It happened, but we had an art teacher who i suspect had no french language at all. It was still a pretty good class though.

I will now leave all 2 people who will read my blog a last thought.

Is it right to ask out a good friend of someone, *cough*, it is the question every teenager asks at one point or another. I want to here your thoughts by submitting your vote on the side bar.

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