Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Face Palm!

As i stare at the computer, i am trying to start up my facebook page. Yes, i bet your thinking "he's only getting a facebook page now, errr, what a loser." Well, i say to you that i was looking after my dying brother, now how do you feel, jerk. Anyway, i'm setting it all up and i get an email for everything that happens. I have received 32 emails in 3 hours. It occured to me that the facebook guys think we're idiots and need an email we have a new comment. Speaking of which, i have one now. I've been accepted, again. Hooray for me. Well. actually it's good someone didn't go "He's only adding me now, errr, he must be a loser." I told you, i was looking after my dying invisible friend, i mean, totally real brother.

So anyway, i'm trying one of the quizzes and it says that that i am a rebel. What the hell?! I am the biggest rule follower ever (I think, i haven't met everyone who ever lived.) I know their for fun, but why do they mock me! WHY! I don't need to know that i would be Ken Rosenberg from GTA: Vice City or a dust bin. I wouldn't be so shitty if i got some good results.

But yeah, i forgot where i was going with this, so yeah, bomb the eskimoes or they will invade our shores!

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