Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As I stare at the computer screen, i think back to earlier today on the school bus, and some comments that i overheard some people say. The gist of it was... "Those fuckin' Muslim's and their terrorist activities..." OK, We live in a time when a small part of the Muslim faith committ terible acts across the world, but it is unfair to say that we, as a "multicultual" country, should persecute the group because a minority committ the crimes.

I was always brought up with the notion that "although we are all different, we are all great" and I find these comments particularly offensive, even though I'm not Islamic. It also brings to mind that in this months "Rolling Stone" magazine, there was an article about racism in Australia. The main concern was that, since the Cronulla riots, racism has been growing, but under the name "Patriotism." I find that, anyone that is patriotic to a country that can view any group of people negatively based on a few peoples' actions, are ignorant, idiots and should try and live in a place where they are the ones persecuted.

Jews, African Americans, Aboriginals and those of Asian decent have all been persecuted from one time or another. What is the group of people that haven't been on the receiving end of racist remarks? The Christian Anglo-Saxon descendants. The ones who believe that they are so good, so righteous, are also the ones that have created the biggest ignorance, based stereotypes and hatreds. I consider myself lucky that I'm a white Australian. I'm not constantly targeted by racial remarks or hate attacks, but I still feel that we, as a nation, have moved away from the everyones equal mentality, as the news always reports on Al-Qaida terrorist attacks, where as nothing is said about the white guy who shot 20 people.

Even in school, I hear racial slurs al the time. I don't say anything, unless it is really bad, and even then I'm met with a roll of eyes. Am I too soft, or is Nigga still racist? (Rhetorical Question, I know it's still racist.) Calling someone a name, like dickhead or something is okay, but when someone stars paying out someones heritage, religion or beliefs, it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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  1. Go Aaron! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't like the racism. Thankyou.

    By the way, within 12 hours, your photo has deemed popular, and even earned a comment....