Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Review of "Retro"... no you can't buy it at a store, its an indy film, idiot

2082. A taxi driver picks up a random guy off the street wanting to go to Pilot Bay. Pilot Bay is known only for the drug trade, and sure enough, the passenger's meeting is in fact a trap, and the taxi driver and his passenger need to try and survive their pursuer's attacks.

Thats "Retro" in a nutshell. A good popcorn flick, it certainley doesn't push any boundaries when it comes to the story, which plods along at a fairly inconsistant rate, going through the motions of every other action movie plot, minus one or two plot twists that were out of left field, but the special effects are insanely good, especially since it's extremely low budget. From the fireworks to the car crashes, it certainly is a visually amazing film. It also sounds very good too, which shows the attention to detail the director showed during filming and post-production.

The acting is very good, particularly from Carlin Grant as the mysterious taxi driver, as he adds character to a fairly (seemingly) dark person. The presentation of the film, shown in a comic inspired style, adds a certain slick edge to the already futuristic setting, which also makes it stand out from other action movies. Also, the gang members look like a mash between a clown, Leatherface and a Sex Pistols audience, but they still manage to look unique, without alienating the audience.

Due to the 18 minute length, there wasn't much oppurtunity for character development, but the writer managed to pull it off. The audience has a chance to relate to the characters, as well as experience a twist that was very unexpected. Full credit goes to Director Tom Carroll for being able to engage the audience in such a short amount of time.

All in all, "Retro" is a good action flick which is only held back by a very predictable and inconsistently paced story, but which is still very enjoyable.

3 1/2 stars- A very good film, but could still improve... maybe for the sequel...?

"Retro" poster

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